8 Reasons why you should travel to Belize – Part 1

People travel for different reasons. Here are the first 4 of the 8 most common reasons why people travel. If you think of a reason to travel that is not mentioned here by all means – mention it!

  1. The anticipation – a Belize vacation begins the moment you decide to plan one! Did you know that planning a trip to Belize can lower your stress levels and you will even experience good moods up to 2 months before the actual vacation date? This is the benefit of good planning on your part… or the planning done by your hotel, resort or jungle lodge.
  2. The Romance – If you are in love or are planning to get married and need a honeymoon destination, Belize is just the place! Having activities and tours planned just for you can enhance your vacation. Your very own Belize tree house can be very romantic with chocolates and flowers and maybe even wine or champagne – there’s also the pool and starry nights in the hot tub. There’s nothing like a jungle adventure to kick start your love life!
  3. Mental Health Benefits – Running around to and from work and trying to keep chaos out of your life when its actually highly impossible can lead to serious stress and can have you going crazy! Don’t be a robot like some of the people around you, don’t have lunch every day at 12 noon, and don’t wake up every day at 5am. A vacation that combines jungle & beach can be just the getaway you need filled with massages and relaxation to have you glowing on your way back home.
  4. The adventure – Oh! I just cannot explain to you in lay man’s terms what the word “adventure” means here (www.belizetreehouses.com). Experiences you’ve not had before, your own stories of the world rather than listening to what others have to say and wondering if it is really that good in Belize. Who knows, you may even get to save someone’s life …

These are 4 of the 8 reasons why you should travel to Belize, See part 2 of the blog post to read the final 4. Surely these four reasons stated here are enough to have you planning your next vacation. You don’t want to miss out on this kind of fun – I promise!

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About belizetreehouses

Belize Tree houses is a boutique section of Caves Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge. Located beside the Caves Branch River within a privately owned 50,000 acre estate, Caves Branch specializes in adventure travel and exploration of the Mayan world. Your tree house is designed to have you staying up in the canopy allowing you a unique and luxurious experience within the Belize jungle lodge.
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