Here’s why you need an ADVENTURE in your life!

Have you ever walked around at home or at work or on the way from the grocery store and felt that you are missing something in your life. It may be an experience or an understanding of the priorities in your life. Below is a list of things that you will experience when your life is screaming to you that it is ready to go beyond the familiar to discover experiences that may change the rest of your life or at least give you a different point of view on certain things.

  • 40+ hours of your week is spent at work every year until your senses have started to feel dull. You feel it all in your bones that you need a breath of fresh air but you are just not sure where to get that.
  • City nature: packed sidewalks, traffic jams, pigeons in the park and lot and lots of business suits aren’t just as interesting anymore.
  • All-inclusive resorts feel unnatural and you get bored after only a few days.
  • You feel that there’s more to travelling than big lighted cities, museums and eating regular food..
  • When you see adventure gear you wish you could go somewhere that you can actually use those things such as: helmets, life jackets, kayaks, and rappelling hooks.
  • The places on Nat. Geo. seem a bit magical and you daydream about what it would be like to be there or even to sleep in Belize tree houses. Lush rainforest and wild jungle noises calls your attention like it never did before.
  • You scroll through Pinterest and look at all the outdoor pictures of places that just seem unreal and you read every little story that talk about a unique adventure. You kind of live your adventure through other people’s experiences.

If you can admit to at least four of these points then you know you need some adventure in your life. Be willing to go beyond your comfort zone – it’s good for your heart! Immerse yourself in the possibilities:

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About belizetreehouses

Belize Tree houses is a boutique section of Caves Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge. Located beside the Caves Branch River within a privately owned 50,000 acre estate, Caves Branch specializes in adventure travel and exploration of the Mayan world. Your tree house is designed to have you staying up in the canopy allowing you a unique and luxurious experience within the Belize jungle lodge.
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