The Belize Tree Houses at Caves Branch Named One of the World’s Best Hotels

The Belize Tree Houses has made the list of the World’s Best Hotels by Travel writer, Robin Escrock co-host of World Travels. While filming the show he stayed in 100s of hotels in 36 countries and his top ten places were chosen based on location, design, service, originality and his overall experience.

We are excited by this achievement and its proof that The Belize Tree Houses at Caves Branch is an outstanding and unique adventurer’s paradise!
Check out an article written by Robin Esrock while staying with us: Going Underground in Belize

Robin EsrockVancouver-based travel writer Robin Esrock is co-host of the hit OLN series, Word Travels. He has been published in over a dozen major newspapers worldwide, held lectures across the country, and continues to search for offbeat destinations and “gonzo” adventures. For more information visit


About belizetreehouses

Belize Tree houses is a boutique section of Caves Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge. Located beside the Caves Branch River within a privately owned 50,000 acre estate, Caves Branch specializes in adventure travel and exploration of the Mayan world. Your tree house is designed to have you staying up in the canopy allowing you a unique and luxurious experience within the Belize jungle lodge.
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