8 Reasons why you should travel to Belize – Part 1

People travel for different reasons. Here are the first 4 of the 8 most common reasons why people travel. If you think of a reason to travel that is not mentioned here by all means – mention it!

  1. The anticipation – a Belize vacation begins the moment you decide to plan one! Did you know that planning a trip to Belize can lower your stress levels and you will even experience good moods up to 2 months before the actual vacation date? This is the benefit of good planning on your part… or the planning done by your hotel, resort or jungle lodge.
  2. The Romance – If you are in love or are planning to get married and need a honeymoon destination, Belize is just the place! Having activities and tours planned just for you can enhance your vacation. Your very own Belize tree house can be very romantic with chocolates and flowers and maybe even wine or champagne – there’s also the pool and starry nights in the hot tub. There’s nothing like a jungle adventure to kick start your love life!
  3. Mental Health Benefits – Running around to and from work and trying to keep chaos out of your life when its actually highly impossible can lead to serious stress and can have you going crazy! Don’t be a robot like some of the people around you, don’t have lunch every day at 12 noon, and don’t wake up every day at 5am. A vacation that combines jungle & beach can be just the getaway you need filled with massages and relaxation to have you glowing on your way back home.
  4. The adventure – Oh! I just cannot explain to you in lay man’s terms what the word “adventure” means here (www.belizetreehouses.com). Experiences you’ve not had before, your own stories of the world rather than listening to what others have to say and wondering if it is really that good in Belize. Who knows, you may even get to save someone’s life …

These are 4 of the 8 reasons why you should travel to Belize, See part 2 of the blog post to read the final 4. Surely these four reasons stated here are enough to have you planning your next vacation. You don’t want to miss out on this kind of fun – I promise!

See pictures in our Flickr account

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Experience on the First day at Cave’s Branch Jungle Lodge…

We found a blog where “TheBeams” wrote a whole story outlining what their first day was like at Belize Tree houses, the boutique section of Cave’s Branch Jungle Lodge. All the activites were explained and described of when they were here in 2009. Activities move along from the drive to the lodge to the tour of their cabana. It moves on to describe the experience they and the children had at the river.

It was all exciting. Dinner time was awesome, they met new folks who were also visiting and exchanged stories of their experience.

Dinner Time at Cave's Branch - Tasty Eats & Drinks - Meet new people and share your experiences.

Here is a video tour of one of the Riverview treehouse by one of our visitors:

Click here to read all about their experience, You can be sure that since 2009 we have had some improvements so be prepared to see something new on your visit. If you have been here before…write a comment and let us know what your trip was like.

Thank you “TheBeams” for a very descriptive article.

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Belize Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners…

Have you ever wanted to go horseback riding but feel that you can’t do it for some reason? Here are some tips for beginners. Belize horseback riding tours has lots of advantages, you get to experience nature, go on a long trail to see many species of birds along the river side or on a ranch and maybe even several wildlife animals.

I will mention that it is safe for children, so feel at ease. Here is a picture of people who have gone horseback riding in Belize for the first time. You too can have photos of such a great time.

Belize Horseback Riding Tours - Awesome Experience!

There are tips that are great for beginners; we want to motivate you to try it. Click here to read more about the few tips you need to get on a horse for the first time in your life. It is truly an amazing horseback riding adventure tour!

Thank you Annette Willson for such a wonderful article.

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Belize vacation packages – Jungle & Beach

How do you make sure that you experience all that Belize has to offer in one vacation? There is a quote that says, “to Kill two birds with one stone,” this simply means to get a double advantage with just one action. What if there was a chance to experience jungle and beach with just one vacation.

We created one of many Belize vacation packages that ensures that you get the best of both worlds. It is called the Belize Jungle and Beach Package. You can stay half of the time at Caves Branch and the other half at Villa Verano Belize.

Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Adventure Co. & Jungle Lodge is just what it says. It is located in the jungle where you can become one with nature. Experience the cool mountain breeze with sounds of birds and other wild life. This part is designed to give you the excitement and adventures of a jungle vacation. Here is a picture of where you will be staying at the boutique section of Caves Branch.

River View Tree House

Click here to see more pictures of Belize Treehouses, the boutique section of Caves Branch.

After all the adventures you can experience relaxation and tranquility at Villa Verano. Hear the waves of the turquoise Caribbean sea as you lay back and enjoy the view or read a book. Villa Verano is a very luxurious Bed & Breakfast located on the beachfront in Hopkins Village. You can sun bathe or swim in their 70ft ocean side pool. Here is a picture of the luxury villa in Hopkins.

Villa Verano Belize - Villa View from the Pool

Click here to see more pictures of Villa Verano Belize.

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Belize Ziplining – Safety is a First!

How many of you have wanted to go ziplining in Belize but wondered about the safety? When ziplining at Caves Branch we have certain safety methods that are in place, they are checked and double checked to make sure that accidents are prevented.

Here is an article about ziplining safety provided by Home and Garden Ideas. You can read and know how it is set up and what the safety features are. You will know what to wear and feel at ease when you attempt the deed.

Below is a video of a Belize zip line tour.

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Things to do – Blue Hole National Park & St. Herman’s Cave

Whether it’s a day off from your hectic tour schedule or just planning on relaxing and enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature, we have the perfect suggestion of things to do with all that free time.

Can you imagine jumping into a very, very, very, cool pool of crystal clear water to relax in the shade of an extremely hot day?

Peek at Inland Blue Hole

(Photo by mybelizeexperience.com)

This is what the inland Blue Hole is all about. You can explore St. Herman’s cave and then relax in the water for the rest of the day. There has been many species of birds seen in this area along with other wildlife.

Click here to read why you will definitely not regret having followed this suggestion!

Thank you, writers at My Belize Experience, this is a wonderful Article.

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Belize Bird Watching – 10 useful Tips

A country like Belize has numerous species of Birds, but how do you make sure that you can make the most of it? Well The Natural History Museum has come up with ten tips to help you discover the facinating world of avian species that can be used on your trip to Belize.

It is very interesting that most of what you need to do, you can do at home. This is because you must educate yourself on birds. Whenever you are on a Belize birding tour, you are provided with a list of birds that can be seen in the area. Belize Treehouses is located in a very advantageous area since there is mostly a natural environment and the Birds feel at home.

Prepare yourself for your bird watching tour, Click here to see the 10 Tips.

We are grateful to the Natural History Museum for publishing such a useful article.

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